Can you chew gum with braces?

Can you chew gum with braces? Having braces can cause some discomfort, but the thought of having a good smile with well aligned teeth can far outweigh the discomfort one has to deal with for some years. One of the important queries that people with braces raise is if they can chew gum while still having the braces. Well, the answer may be interesting and diverse depending on each individual. It is an important thing to seek your dentist opinion. On the other hand if decided to chew gum with braces there are several points to reflect on

Chewing gum improves blood flow

Chewing gums with braces is not that bad. As we know chewing to some extend exercise our jaws and as result blood flows better. Improved blood circulation results to sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen. This prevents cases of gum infections.

Choose sugar free chewing gums

Availability of sugar in gums increases the level at which it become sticky. The more the sugar the more its likely to stick on your teeth. With braces on you don’t want any gums sticking to your teeth so the better option is to choose the sugar free. Its also generally healthy as it will reduce unnecessary calories intake and opportunity of having cavities.

Chewing gum may actually interfere with your braces

To have remarkable results its good to just try and maintain the alignment of the wire. Chewing gum may actually cause some sort of damage by sticking on them. This is because removing the stuck gums may end up pulling your braces to some extent. So generally it is good that you should not chew gum when having braces? Well if it will interfere with your braces then there is no need to risk the chance. Refraining from doing so for some time may not actually cause any damage compared if you chose to chew.

Are there other things that I should not eat while having braces?

It is recommended to keep off from the sugary and extreme sticky foods.