Average Childcare Cost

What is the Average Childcare Cost? Or how much does childcare cost? There’s no definite answer to this questions. There are a number of factors that determine average childcare cost. These includes;-

  • The type of childcare you choose
  • Where you live
  • How many hours your child spends in childcare per week
  • Your child’s age

Some areas the childcare cost is relatively lower depending on the cost of living and the wages people get. Some areas are higher due to the cost of living in those areas.

How much do daycare centers cost in US?

Babies and toddlers 

When your child is in the baby and toddler stages, one pays more. This is because at this age the baby need more care and so the center must hire more caregivers.

For instance, the average cost of center-based daycare in the United States is $972 a month which translates to $11,666 per, though the prices may range from $250 to $1,600 monthly,


Daycare for preschool-age children is a bit lower, the average monthly payment is from ($370 to $1,100 a month

How much does home daycare cost in US?

The home day care depends on the age of your child and where you live. Some providers charge almost as much as daycare centers do, while others charge very little, mainly if they’re close friends or neighbors of the families whose children they’re caring for.

Average home daycare charges about $300 to $995 a month

What is the average cost of childcare in UK?

In the UK, the average cost of part-time childcare for children under the age of 2 is £115 per week and the average cost of full-time childcare is £212 per week.

 How much is child care in Australia?

The average child care in Australia varies. Below is the price range you can get

Childcare type Typical price range
Centre-based childcare A$70 to A$185 dollars per day
Family day care A$6 to A$17 per hour
Nannies A$15 to A$35 per hour
Au pairs (living in your home) A$170 to A$250 per week



Average Global Temperature

Find the Average Global Temperature. What is the average global temperature? This is a question that this page will try to answer.

What is the average global temperature?

This is the temperature that is measured at the earth’s surface. It is the combined global average temperature which is measured at certain points across the world. The average is then measured based

Is the average temperature on earth rising?

The average temperature on earth has been rising year and year. The rise in temperature is mainly due to the increasing emission of Co2 gasses into the atmosphere.

Average Age of First Child

What is the average age of first child? Or what is the average age to your first child? This is a question that most women ask. This article will try to answer your question.

What is the average age for women in the UK to have their first child?

The way each generation does their work has greatly changed. Over the past decades the age at which women have their first child has increased. In the UK, the average age for women to have their first child is 29.5 years.

 What is the average age for women in the US to have their first child?

The average age of women having a child for the first time in the US has risen to 26 years from 24 years in 2000

Why are women waiting longer to have their first child?

More and more women are waiting longer to have their first child; this is a trend that has increased over the past years.

One of the reason is more women have been educated and are able to use the birth control methods.

Another reason is that women are educated for longer and at a higher level. This makes them to postpone having a child.

Average Life Span of a Lion

The Average life span of a lion is not that long. A lions lifespan mostly depends on its habitat. The average lifespan of a lion ranges between 14 to 15 years. While enclosed, a lion can live between 15 to 20 years as it does not face many challenges and the lifespan of lions in the wild ranges from 10 to 14 years. This is because in most cases it is faced with many challenges, it has to hunt, as well as injuries sustained from continual fighting with rival males to a great extent reduce their life span

Male lions are normally larger than the females and have a unique mane of hair around their heads.

The Lions typically inhabit savanna and grassland, though they may also live in bush and forest. The Lions mainly sleep during the day; and are active primarily at night, and sometimes at sunset

It has also been discovered that male lions live for only 10 years in wild while female lions live longer. This is mostly because the male lions in the wild fight with other lions and other animals to protect its clan.

The Lions of different species living in different areas do not have any big differences in life span. The life span of lions even on different geographical locations is roughly similar.

What is the habitat of Lions?

The Lions typically inhabit savanna and grassland areas though they may also live in bush and forest.