How to Know and Achieve Your Purpose In Life

The life we are given by God is complicated yet simple. At birth all the children are the same, nearly in all aspects of life. As they become older life shapes them differently. Some become successful materially while others end up with fewer resources but with a happier environment. There are those who look back at life and wonder why they were created. At 50 years people look back and some are happy of whatever they have achieved but for others life may not have turned out to be all that pleasant.

It is very important to know and achieve your purpose in life. As years go by you may be able to identify your purpose according to Gods plan and achieve it. Currently there countless books on how to know your purpose in life, but unless you aim at understanding your purpose in life, you may never be able to know and achieve it.

So how do I know and achieve my purpose in life? Below we have expounded on several ways on how to attain you purpose in life.

1. Understanding who you are

God never created an average person. We are the best and believing it is what changes the situation. Never undermine yourself because you look different. If naturally you are a quiet person that does not mean you are disadvantaged compared to a person who is outspoken. There are problems that quiet people can handle well. Anything that is beyond your control is only meant to make you stronger. In simple term don’t try to change who you are, it will only make things worse if you do so. The best thing is to work on your weakness and better your strengths. After understanding yourself then you will know where to go and the right people to associate with. A story is told of how an eagle’s egg was hatched among the chicken. The young eagle grew up to knowing it was a chicken. It ate chicken food, fought the chicken fight and even tried to look like a chicken. That eagle died like a chicken. Had it known that it was an eagle then all the scenario would have changed. So don’t limit yourself and know who you are.

How To Know And Achieve Your Purpose In Life
2. Do what you love.

Many people think that they only achieve their purpose by opening up big successful business, starting an orphanage, changing the world or doing the roles. This may not be the case. Not all people are born to be like Bill gate or Warren Buffet. Satisfaction and not money is how you would determine if you have attained or attaining your life purpose. For instance if you get your satisfaction by helping other people, offer your assistance to different people in your day to day activity. If you love to sing, you can join the church or office choir; sing in wedding, parties or even in any place where people will appreciate your singing.

Its not necessarily that you will have to quit your work, sign for a record with a leading music producer that your purpose in life will be attained. If it puts a smile on your face and the face of another person, then for that single moment you will have achieved your purpose. But if you wait for the spectacular moment to achieve your purpose then you will not be able to see even the little miraculous moment that you would have gained personal satisfaction.

3. Expect imperfections

Achieving your purpose in life does not mean that all is perfect. Expecting imperfection in ourselves and in others means that you will be prepared for anything. Just because you know and enjoy something does not mean that other people will be able to embrace you. For instance if you love to teach don’t expect that every person you meet will be willing to be taught. Just because someone was unresponsive to your teaching does not mean you stop teaching.

4. Differentiate between achievements and purpose.

Building a big house does not mean you have achieved your purpose if you’re your purpose is different. Your purpose may help you achieve much but it’s not measured by material things. For instance your purpose in life many be to train other in swimming, your training may get you some income to get a big car. The big car is just an additional thing but it does measure your success.


5. Plan

When we fail to plan we plan to fail. You may not have a clearly defined purpose but at least knowing what you want and taking the steps to attain is good. For instance If you want to have a peaceful retirement life that revolves around the people you love , then you will have to build friendship, have a good retirement plan that will ensure your need will be catered for during old age. If you are satisfied in seeing others become successful, plan on how you can start helping one person then proceed to the next.

6. Understand your environment.

Society may nurture us to become who we are. Understanding our environment actually can help us actualize our life purpose. This is because we could develop certain abilities while solving the day to day problems that surround us. For instance some people in areas facing challenges such as early marriages, high poverty level, prostitution etc have ended up discovering their purpose by solving the same challenges that surround them.

7. Have mentors

Another way that someone can know his/her life purpose is by emulating his/her mentors. If you have people whom you admire but still you are not certain of your purpose in life, try getting mentors with traits you admire. Birds of a feather flock together and emulating the good traits from your mentor may actually help know your purpose.

8. Do away with distractions

Different people are distracted by different things. Some people may be distracted by fame, success, disability, education, family history or past etc. The important thing is to understand the things that pull you down. For example if you are in a group of negative minded people who believe you cannot achieve your life purpose, you should keep from them as far as possible. Anything that you cannot change is meant to make you stronger by knowing how to deal with it and not fight it. If you are generally shy but love to deal with people it’s good to overcome you fear and build on your strength.

9. Have personal rules.

The problem with many people is that they want to conform to whatever forces are around them. Like the frog that never realizes it’s in a boiling pot until it’s too late, so does conformity make us changes to whatever pressure is around us until it’s too late to make any changes in our lives. Having personal rules will help guide one to remain in line with what you want to achieve.


10. Accept challenges and avoid competitions

No single person is similar to any person. We all attain goals differently and so the same should be understood when achieving personal goals. Just because someone has achieved certain goals within such a short range of time does not mean we need to compete with them. It good to feel challenged but not envy or aim for unnecessary competition.

Doing what you love is the best way to attain your life purpose. You may not do it for money but still it will give more satisfaction. The best way to live your life is to look back and be pleased with whatever things you achieved , whether in terms of money or not.