How To Lose Belly Fat Fast for Men and Women

For many people understanding how to lose belly fat fast is a very essential thing. For both Men and Women getting a flat stomach is one of the desirable things. Belly fat is considered unhealthy and in most cases it indicates the physical fitness of a person. As previously indicated in-How to know if you are overweight or not- on average men waistline should not be above 40 inches while the ladies not above 35 inches.
How To Lose Belly Fat Fast
So how can one get a flat stomach?

There are many ways on how to lose belly fat at home. The first thing you need to know is to understand your body.

Check if you can lose belly fat without exercise. Try the natural methods on how to lose weight before turning to other alternatives.

Depending on the response of your body you can lose belly fat fast, in a week or in a month.

Below are simple ways on how to get a flat stomach. Learn how to lose belly fat naturally.

1. Reduce your sugar intake
For someone wanting a flat stomach reducing the sugar intake is a must. That extra teaspoon of sugar can add unnecessary calories than required. Too much artificial sugar in a drink will mean you will have to work extra in order to burn those calories. For people who love candies/sweets having too much can actually be making you add several inches on the waist. Ditch the habit and go for healthier snacks.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast


Always remember that when you eat too much sugar the liver gets loaded and it turns that sugar into fat. Although fruit juices are considered health, they also contain a lot of sugar and low fiber. The best option is to ensure you take whole fruits. Aim at eliminating sugar in you tea or any beverage prepared at home.

2. Exercise
You cannot desire to lose belly fat and dislike exercise. The two are directly related. Losing belly fat in a healthy way requires some exercise, depending on your level fitness it is advisable to select simple exercise like walking;

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Walking generally  is good especially if it is brisk walk where your heart beats at higher rate than normal. To burn more visceral fat, more vigorous/moderate exercises are needed. Exercise such as swimming, climbing, jogging, going to zumba classes etc. If you dislike gym set up, you can try out door games like soccer.
For women they may wonder how to lose the lower belly fat or pooch. Sometime losing the lower belly fat after pregnancy can be a bit difficult so some traditional exercise like seat ups and crutch may not bear much results after sometime. This would mean you can combine them with other exercises like leg lifts, scissors, double legs circles etc.

On average exercising for 30 minutes for 4-5 days in a week can be very fruitful when it comes to losing that belly fat. As always if you are starting a fitness program or has been inactive for a longer time it is good to first seek a medical examination so as to know which routine to start with.

3. Diet
Do you want to lose belly fat in a healthy manner? If the answer is yes, then forget about fad diets, slimming pills or even the extra ordinary fake ways used to reducing visceral fat. Belly fat require no magic other that self-discipline when it comes to diet. There is no way you will feed on junk food, excess alcohol and fatty foods and expect to have trim waist. Only few people have the advantage of feeding on anything and still maintains trim waistline. But with time aging may lower the metabolism rate and eventually results of wrong diet will have a result on their waistline. A  Balanced diet is very important this include carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and healthy fats. For the protein chose the cereals that have fiber like beans, lentils, ground nuts, lean red meat and white meat. To get carbohydrates from whole grains would also be suitable. Whole grains such as brown rice and wheat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins and therefore they should be eaten in large amount. Don’t forget to include the healthy fats like the avocado and nuts, take them in moderate amount. Ensure to eat your fruits whole and reduce fruit juices.

4. Feed more during the day and avoid feeding late in the night
One also needs to observe the time of feeding, during the day the body is more active. So it’s advisable to feed during this time. Eating 2-3 hours before sleeping is the ideal time. This will allow the food to be digested in a better manner and the consumed calories may actually be used by your body. This would mean that less of the food consumed will be stored as calories. This is one the simplest step to have a flat stomach.

5. Trace your calorie need and stick to it.
Different people require different calories depending on the daily activities, metabolism, health and other personal factors. On average there is a daily calories requirement by the body to function properly. Currently its possible to calculate your daily calories requirement through several online tools. This will help you determine how much food you need to eat to lose weight. However, this does not mean you will have to weigh every portion of your meal, basic understanding of your daily requirement will be just enough to help you not to under eat or overeat.

6.  Eat smaller portions.
Understanding your calories daily requirement is the first step that will help you plan how many small portion of food you will require daily. Smaller and frequent small portion will ensure you eat less making your stomach feeling less bloated. While planning how to eat to lose belly fat ensure to include a healthy snack between main meals, this will ensure your blood sugar is at the right level hence reduce the hunger.

7. Add moderate protein in your diet.
Studies conducted by different researchers have indicated that, belly fight or general loss of body fat would be increased by a certain percentage if a person added a moderate amount of protein in the diet. One of these researches was done by American Society for Clinical Nutrition. According to American Society for Clinical Nutrition the reason why elevated protein in the diet resulted in long term loss of weight is because protein makes one feel full for long in comparison to when one eats carbohydrates. Another reason is that it helps build lean muscles hence improving metabolism rate. Including more protein foods like nuts, lean meat, dairy products, legumes, seafoods in a moderate amount may be actually be helpful.

8. Stay hydrated
For someone wanting a flat stomach you cannot overlook the importance of drinking enough water.  This is because water improves digestion; improve bowel improvement and flashing out of body toxins. Eventually this leads to a flatter stomach.

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9. Reduce alcohol intake.
The reason why alcohol leads to a big belly is because of the calories it contains. The extra calories are stored in the body as fat if they are not used up. Another reason is because beer promotes better appetite, therefore as you take your beer you will have a urge to eat and as expected the most easily available food for many people is the fast foods. All these calories will obviously lead to gain of weight. In another perspective, alcohol is known to release more estrogen in the body. Estrogen causes the human body maintain more weight.

10. Have adequate sleep.
The reason why sleep is important is that it helps the body to relax hence reducing stress. Stress has its challenges to different people. To some it leads to over eating. When stress is managed then less eating disorders will be developed.

11. Manage stress
As a result of day to day challenges, human beings experience some level of stress. If this stress is not well managed the body will not function optimally. Living healthy may end up becoming difficult and eventually unwanted habits like alcohol consumption and binge eating may be adopted. To avoid this develop measures that help you deal with stress such as having enough sleep and building good relationships with friends and relatives.

Having a flat tummy is something that can be attained. It requires commitment and dedication especially if the waistline is off the limit. It is good to remember that patience is very vital as sometime what is planned may not be achieved immediately. Understanding yourself is also essential as every person has certain factors that may lower or speed up loss of belly fat such as age, genes, metabolism rate etc. Having a positive mind is what will determine how far you will achieve your aim, so be positive and learn to respond to your body in positive manner.

The above are ways on how to lose belly fat for men and how to lose belly fat for Women.