How to Reduce Weight by Walking

How to Reduce Weight by Walking. We often hear questions such as – How often should I walk to lose weight? What is the best time to walk as way to lose weight? Why am I not losing weight even after long walks? Can I lose weight by walking?

Can I attain a slimmer figure by walking? Well, there is simple answer for the above questions- Yes walking can lead to weight. Below are fitness tips to observe while having walks for the sole purpose of losing weight.

How to Reduce Weight by Walking

1. Enjoy walking
The common way to benefit from walking is to enjoy the walks. Deriving happiness from what we do make a big difference. The reason why our weight loss new year’s resolutions is not achieved is because we often pick up programs that we don’t enjoy. If we enjoy something we would be happy doing it regardless of the circumstances surrounding us.

2. Dress comfortable for the walk
Comfort is very important, unfit clothes and shoes can cause more harm. A good pair of flat shoes with an elastic sole is good. The clothes should not interfere with the normal breathing. It is also good to consider the weather condition.


3. Have a bottle of water
Water is one of the calories free drinks that come hardy when having walks. Research has shown that by drinking more water the rate at which healthy individual lose weight increases. Maximizing intake of water improves the body metabolism by 25-30 percent therefore assisting the body to burn the extra calories. The estimated amount required by the body is eight glasses but a few more glasses would not cause harm.

4. Walk with a friend
Once in a while having a friend to accompany you can make the walk more enjoyable. Support from others can make weight loss more achievable. Both parties should enjoy the exercise and be genuine with what they want to achieve. However one should not solely depend on the friend/friends as flexibility and availability may vary. Having fun should also be reason for having company; a joyful person is likely to burn more calories. Research has shown that 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up between 45 to 160 calories.

5. Walk briskly varying the pace
A brisk walk is very effective for losing weight. One hour brisk walk on level ground can burn around 150 calories. Taking this walks once a day for a week means one will burn over 1000 calories. Once the body is used to the same exercise the weight loss progress usually reaches a plateau level. At this level it would mean you start varying the pace of the walks. When having 30 minutes brisk walks it would be advisable to vary by taking bigger steps at an accelerated speed or have faster strides. Reduce the pace for few minutes, repeating this will work out the body in a better way. Both the feet and the legs will be strained increasing the metabolism.

6. Walk uphill
By walking on a steep ground the body will burn more belly fat fast. It could be climbing a hill or using stairs. People living in hilly area are less obese as the usually use more energy. It is good to choose walking route that is steeper for better results



7. Go for morning walks
Any form of exercise bears more results if it done in the morning. The reason is because the body has less calories therefore the body will be forced to get the energy from the stored fats. This improve the fat burning ability of the body


8. Let each day be a walking day.
Making walking our daily routine means that we walk when we can. Instead of parking in office parking area you can park some distance then walk to office for few kilometer, have tea break and lunch outside the office. Place the printer or the fax few meters from the working desk so as to walk around the office during working hours. Remember the success of our goals will depend on our attitude.

9. Let the music play
A good music list can be uplifting, making the walking more pleasant. Motivation is important. Once in a while one can match the walking pace with the beats in the music.


10. Swing and move the arms
The body will be fully worked if the major parts of the body are worked out. The hands should swing in a natural manner other than folding then or keeping inside the pockets. The movement of the arms will ensure they will be toned up and be more firm by reducing the flabbiness. Hand weights can be used once in a while but since they restrain full swinging of the arms they should not be used continuously.

11. After the walk take a cup of green tea
Green tea has the ability to boost the metabolism rate by at least 5 percent for a healthy individual.


Drinking the tea after the walk means the body will steal burn some extra calories. A person combining intake of green tea and exercise may increase the chances of weight than for a person choosing one of the two.

12. Burn more calories than you eat
Just because one is working out does not mean you fulfill every hunger pang. In order to lose weight one will need to burn more calories that taken. The worse thing that can happen is to continue taking junk food for the mere excuse that we shall burn it through the exercise. Eating should be healthy with at least three meals a day. Instead of taking junk food one can take a fruit as a snack. It is also good to avoid eating late at night. Water should be the major drink during the walk, sodas and other flavored drinks should be avoided especially the energy drinks.

13. Be determined regardless of the weather conditions
Sometime the weather may tend to slow us down. During this time determination is needed. Dress well for the weather.

Walking is one of the most convenient mode of exercise. It can be incorporated in every part of our lifestyle. No equipment is needed and it is good for people of all age group. Before deciding to join a gym for intensive work out why not get a good pair of sneakers a shed off that extra weight.

Above articles is on how to lose weight walking daily.