The Excellent Drink with no Calories – Water

The Excellent Drink with no Calories – Water.

Rarely do we wash our clothes with limited water; mostly we use enough water to ensure the clothes are well rinsed. Like our clothes our bodies also require quality supply of water for it to be cleansed. Drinking a lot of water is like an internal shower, it rinses the stomach and prepares it for better digestion. Lack of adequate water in the body means that the body will produce waste that will eventually accumulate hence leading more toxins in the body. These toxins will cause body odors like bad breath and smelly urine.

Why is water so important?
Water is an excellent drink because it is calories and salt free. Unlike beverages that require digestion, water needs no metabolism hence it does not slow down digestion.

Our body is made up 70 percent water and its estimated man can only live up to 7 days without water depending on the environment. Dehydration can make one appear wrinkled, fatigued, have headache and become less rejuvenated

Water acts as a regulator to our body temperature through perspiring and respiration, for our joints it acts as lubricant and helps to flush waste.

Water contains no chemicals. The body will not be irritated especially the lining of the digestive systems. Its common to find chemicals in beverages that deplete the body’s calcium, but water contains no such chemicals or preservatives

One can also reduce excess fat by taking enough water. The body is able to work better when it is properly hydrated. The energy level go up and metabolic rate improves hence burning more calories.

A clear and smooth skin is some of the benefits of drinking enough water. The skin is hydrated and hence able to fight bacteria that can cause acne and other disorders.

As a simple drink, water is cheap and readily available.

How much water should I drink per day?

First, its important to drink enough water to keep the urine pale or clear. The next thing is to determine the number of glass of water one should drink per day and how often. Generally our bodies lose up to 12 glasses of water per day; as a result one should take eight glasses as the rest four glasses are provided by the foods eaten.

How to drink eight glasses of water per day
It requires discipline to get into the routine of drinking regularly. An early morning drink immediately after waking up is important for starting the day; it prepares the body for the upcoming task. One to two glasses can be enough before breakfast. Between morning and evening hours one can ensure they drink one glass every one and half hour. During the night especially after sleeping it’s not advisable to drink water but a glass before one goes to bed is essential.

Another way of drinking enough water is by ensuring you eat foods with high water concentration. This can include watermelon, oranges, pineapples etc. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also be of benefit. This is because for every grass of caffeine one will require one additional glass of water.

Sometime the feeling of hunger can be an indication that one is thirsty. Water can be used to take away that is false hunger.
Signs to tell if I have been drinking enough water

Below are some of the signs of a well hydrated body

  • The colour of the urine should be pale yellow or clear
  • The body feel energetic and less fatigued
  • The skins has a well shinning effect other than the one added by beauty products
  • Proper digestion and reduced cases of constipation.