Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend: One of the saddest things is losing a good friend. It can really weigh you down. True friends will forever remain in our hearts. The good memories that we shared will forever remain with us.

If it’s your friend’s birthday, it is best to honor it and celebrate it the best way you can.

Find a collection of happy birthday friend in heaven wishes and messages that will enable you to express your love over the passing away of your dear friend

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend

Always I can remember you were by my side. You gave me strength and confidence. Happy heavenly birthday.

I want you to know that even though you are no longer here, I think about you every single day. There are just so many lessons that you taught me and that I always reflect on. I miss your smile; I miss your laughter and I miss your amazing sense of humour. Heaven is lucky to have an angel as funny as you are. Happy birthday, my sweet friend! I wish you were here, and I miss you every day.

It’s been two years now since you have left me and on your Birthday I miss you more. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

Since I can’t come, give you a birthday hug, I’ve asked God in prayer, to help hug you tight, so you can know I miss you with all my might. Happy heavenly birthday friend!

I hope God will bless me with you in my next life because getting you in this life is not possible anymore. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

Losing you was one of the most unfortunate events of my life but, I want you to know that you have been the sweetest part of my life! Happy Birthday to my best friend in heaven.

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It doesn’t feel right to celebrate this day. But I’m going to do it anyway, for you and in your memory, because it’s what you would have wanted. Happy birthday in heaven friend!

I doubt I’ll ever be able to get over losing you. I think about you every day, especially on your birthday, when I remember how much I used to look forward to being the first to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday in heaven, my close friend.

No single day has passed without being filled with all the great things you did and your warm presence. As you celebrate this birthday in paradise, I wish you greater moments. Happy Birthday in Heaven friend!!

Dear friend, you have no idea what you mean to me, but it’s got so late for me to tell you the same. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

On your special day today, I hope you have a happier birthday than you ever had on earth with us. Happy birthday to my friend in heaven!

Another year has passed, and your birthdays remind me of how much fun we used to have. Happy birthday to you in heaven, friend. Miss you much.

I have never imagined God will be so hard on me and take away the reason for my smile. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

Although we didn’t have any blood relationship, the friendship we were sharing was more than that for me. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

Today is your birthday dear friend. Happy Birthday to you my close friend! I know that you are watching us from the blue sky. I got you, a loving star, which sparkle bright when I smile.

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Today is your birthday in Heaven above. I am sending you blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today, but every day hereof. I think of you always, my love! Happiest of heavenly birthdays to you, my friend.

Happy Birthday to a Friend Who Passed Away

May God bless you and May angles sing for you on this special day……. May you rest in peace in Heaven… Happy birthday in heaven, dear friend!

This is your first birthday away from us, and you are greatly missed. I wish you a very happy birthday celebration in heaven and pray you to receive the best of heavenly gifts, dear friend.

To the person who was the reason for my happiness, have a happy birthday in heaven and enjoy your day!

You are still a big part of my life, It is not easy now that you’re gone. I miss you. True friends are hard to find and I am sad that we cannot celebrate your birthday together. Happy heavenly birthday friend!

It’s your birthday today, and we all wish you were here, so we could celebrate one of the most amazing friends ever. Happy heavenly birthday best friend!

You were taken away from us too soon, but I trust that you are in a better place. You have been my best pal and I still talk to the sky as if I was talking to you. I hope you are doing well in Heaven, happy birthday my friend.

If only wishes were horses, you’ll be here, blowing out the candles on your cake. Happy birthday in heaven, dear friend!

I still want to cross all the roads with you as we used to do in childhood but unfortunately, I can’t. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

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May your day be filled with bliss, even as you rest in peace, in the bosom of our heavenly father. Happy birthday to you in heaven, precious friend. I miss you so much.

You are not only a friend for me but a brother for life. Now you are not here. I lost my brother. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear friend!

Death took you away from my reach but has no capacity to erase you from my heart. I want to especially wish you a happy birthday in heaven today, my dear friend.

You left the world, but you’re always in the best place in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven, friend!

To the person on whose shoulder I can lean upon, I wish an amazing birthday in heaven. Stay blessed always!

Don’t be surprised I’m sending you birthday wishes this year again, five years after your loss. You can never be forgotten, dear friend. Happy birthday in heaven best friend!

I miss the days of ours when we used to do crazy stuff and things. Happy heavenly birthday my friend!

We had many marvelous birthday celebrations while you were here with us. Today, you celebrate without your earthly friends, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t loving and wishing you all the best from back here on earth.

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