Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day Sister

Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day Sister: February 14 is a beautiful day to celebrate our sister. You can send a Valentine’s greeting to let her know what she means to you.

Find Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day Sister

Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day Sister

I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without sending my love to you, my wonderful, beautiful, amazing sister.

Having a sister hasn’t always been easy. Or fun. Or tolerable. But you know what? I kind of love you now. Happy Valentine’s Day, sis!

You deserve lots of love and hugs on this special day to let you know how much we care and love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

The worst enemy and the best friend all at once – yes, that’s what a sister is. Thank you for being a part of me. Happy Valentine’s Day sister!

A sister is a bundle of love and joy. You mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest sis.

When someone messes with my little sister, they mess with me. Forever your protector! Happy Valentine’s Day.

My life is awesome because I have a wonderful sister. You deserve all the best things in life. Happy Valentine’s day dear sister

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love, sweetness, and all of the things that make your life wonderful! Happy Valentine’s Day to my Sister.

Valentine’s Wishes for Your Sister

Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet sister! Love you bunches, sis!

I’m thinking about you on Valentine’s Day, sis. Not enough to send you a card or gift, but enough to send this half-assed message. Happy Valentine’s Day Sister!

As an elder sister, you are very much like my second mom, who protects me from every unforeseen danger. Happy Valentine’s Day to my guiding angel.

A sister is a mentor, a leader, and a best friend. What would I ever do without you, my angel? Happy Valentine’s Day Sister!

You are my lovely sister and my best friend too! Wishing you loads of love on this Valentine’s Day. Always be happy. Happy Valentine’s Day sister.

Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other. Happy Valentine’s Day Sister!

You’re more than just my sister, you’re my best friend. I hope we always stay as close as we are now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have been stupid to have hated you, but you always forgave me and made me a better person. Love you forever! Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are cool, sweet, caring and loving. Wish you all the happiness and joy you deserve in life. Happy Valentine’s Day dear sister.

If they would have given me a choice, I would, most likely, have still chosen you to be my sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love my little sister! I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of fun, romance, and lots and lots of chocolate!

Valentine’s Quotes for Your Sister

She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling even in the dark. Happy Valentine’s Day Sister!

Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my favorite ladies in the whole world, my sister.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sis! You make my life infinitely more awesome! I even love you more than cupcakes.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my first friend in the world, my big sister.

Having a sister is like having a best friend who will love and protect you forever. I will never get tired of loving you. Happy Valentines’, sis.

A sister will ignore all the bad and remind you of all the good in you. Blessed to have you, sis. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We may look old and wish to the outside world, but to each other, we are still in junior school. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You’re a cool sister. You have always been. You are so much more than just family. You’re also my best friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

A sister is everything you wish you could be. It’s a blessing having you. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear sister.

I have two awesome people in my life my sister and her husband. I’m one lucky person! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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