Parents Day Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Parents Day Wishes: Parents are unique and special. They are always there for us. No matter the challenges we face in life they are the ones that we turn to for guidance and support.

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Parents Day Wishes

Our parent’s prayer is the most beautiful poetry and expectations. Happy Parents Day!

On this day, I want you to know that I love you both so very much. Your happiness is what matters to me the most. Wishing you a world full of happiness!

Beyond all of the gifts that you have showered us with, your love has to be our favorite. No words or actions can ever be enough to demonstrate how full you made us feel. So this time, we can only wish the same for you. This Parents’ Day, we wish you may give and receive love.

Mom and Dad, Thank You for the greatest gift of all, the gift of unconditional love. Happy Parent’s Day!

One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.

Happy Parents Day to the parents who mean the world to me. You have filled my heart and my life with so much joy and happiness.

No money in the world can buy the unconditional love of parents. Dear mom and dad, I wish you a very Happy Parents’ Day because you are my inspiration and motivation in my life.

Every time I thought you were wrong, a reality made me realize you can never be wrong. I love you. Happy parent’s day wishes to both of you!

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Happy Parents Day Messages

First your parents, they give you your life, but then they try to give you their life.

You two are the reason behind each success of my life, and each smile on my face because you are the ones who inspire me and motivate me each day, each moment of my life.

The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult.

My lovely parents, it is a blessing to be born into this amazing family and to have you two in my life. Happy Parent’s Day to you!

You taught me to walk, run and chase my dreams. You taught me to be kind, generous, and happy. You taught me to live and love. Happy Parents’ Day to the people who are my world.

The love and support of parents can get a child anywhere and everywhere in life. Thank you, mom and dad, for always supporting me. Happy Parents’ Day!

Warm wishes on Parents Day to the mom and dad who make the most amazing parents. I thank you for believing me and pampering me always.

In my mind, I thank you both for giving me such a wonderful life but on parent’s day, I want to thank you in real for blessing me with the best of everything. Happy Parents’ Day!

Dear mom and dad, you are the reasons for all my smiles, for all my comforts, for all my success…. I owe my life to you….. On the occasion of Parent’s Day, I thank you for everything.

Nothing compares to the sacrifices our parents have made for us! Happy Parents Day to my parents!

Happy Parents Day

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first. Happy Parents Day!

Happy parent’s day to all the parents in the world. Respect from the deep of heart!

Each day is a new surprise and a new challenge for parents…. And you two have gracefully accepted each one of the challenges in raising me! Happy Parents Day!

Your presence in my life is a signal that God loves me because he has given me the best parents in this world to take care of me…. Happy Parents Day to you mom and dad.

In my mind, I thank you both for giving me such a wonderful life but on Parent’s Day, I want to thank you in real for blessing me with the best of everything….. Thanks, mom and dad.

The biggest blessing for a child is his parents. I feel lucky all the time for having such amazing parents like you! Happy Parents’ Day!

Whenever I look at you mom and dad, I see the most beautiful blessing of God. Thank you for making me an independent and responsible girl.

Wishing you both a very Happy Parent’s Day! Always keep smiling!

All that I really need is right here with me. The most important part of my life, mom, and dad, it’s you. Happy Parents Day!

Happy Parents Day Quotes

Stepparents are not around to replace a biological parent, but rather augment a child’s life experience. Happy Parents Day!

Happy Parent’s Day to my lovely parents! You two are the best!

When my life was a mess, I was completely lost, I need love and care… you both were always there to love me and support me. Wishing a very Happy Parents’ Day to the best mum and dad.

In the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too.

No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.

You two have always been my source of inspiration and my motivation. I love you, mom and dad. Wishing both of you a happy parent’s day!

What to Write In Parents Day Card

You bring a smile to my face when I am sad, you set my spirits high when I feel low, and you just make my day brighter with your love and care. Happy Parents’ Day!

I know how many sacrifices you have for me and I can never be more thankful to you. Warm wishes on Parents Day to the most loving mom and dad!

Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, that we often forget they are also growing old.

I haven’t seen God but I have seen you two and I am truly blessed to have you. Wishing you mom and dad a very Happy Parents Day.

Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional, and forgiving.

A day in a year is not enough to be thankful for the sacrifices our parents make 365 days a year. Happy Parents Day!

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