12th Birthday Wishes

12th Birthday Wishes for Daughter, Son, Niece, Nephew & Cousin

12th Birthday Wishes: Time flies very fast, before you realize it, your daughter, son, niece or nephew is turning 12.

Make his or her day special by wishing them a happy birthday.

These 12-year-old birthday messages, wishes, and quotes will make the birthday more unique and special.

Find a collection of happy 12th Birthday Wishes for daughter, son, cousin, niece, and nephew.

12th Birthday Wishes

Happy 12th birthday! I’ve seen you go from little baby to young man and it’s been amazing to watch you grow.

You’re now a fantastic boy and amazing man as well. Happy 12th Birthday!

May the angels that have been protecting you so far continue to do so, I am blessed to be part of your 12th birthday, I love you a lot baby, and you are my world!

Happy 12 birthday my baby girl. You may be a grownup now, but for me, you are still that cute baby girl I know.

Here’s to a special day full of laughter and fun. Happy 12th birthday!

You are a perfect 12-year-old in my eyes, may you always work hard, and may good things follow you forever, you are loved, baby!

I know how long you have been looking forward to your 12th birthday party, my only hope is that all that you’d planned for today be fulfilled. I love you, my dear!

Make good, be happy, and have fun, those are the only birthday rules I know of, hearty birthday my love, may 12 be your lucky age!

Because one candle is not enough for your birthday wishes, here’s 12 for you to blow out! I pray that each of them will be granted because you are worthy of it. Happy 12th birthday little lad/lady!

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12th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 12th birthday! You’re not a big girl — you’re now a young woman. I love you just the way you are today and whatever you turn out to be.

Happy 12th birthday Daughter! The older you get, the more I love celebrating your birthday. That’s because I love you more every day!

Happy birthday to a daughter like no other. Today we get to celebrate another year spent with you and how much joy you bring us!

My love for you gets stronger 12 times a year; that’s one heartbeat per month. Now that you are 12, that means it got stronger 144 times already! That’s a lot! Happy birthday little angel!

Happy 12th birthday my daughter! Wishing you a very happy birthday and a truly brilliant year to come!

You may be growing up but you will always be my darling little angel. Happy 12th birthday!

You are the most special kid in this world, and for that, we will surely be celebrating your birthday not just today but every day of this 12th year of yours! Happy birthday to our charming little angel.

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Happy 12th Birthday Cousin Wishes

Happy 12th birthday! The older you get, the more I love celebrating your birthday. That’s because I love you more every day!

May this special birthday give you some more wisdom and knowledge! Happy birthday to a very special growing kid!

It’s your birthday, enjoy it, live it, love it, it is a day just for you. I wish you a jolly good time as you celebrate this day. Happy 12th birthday!

Twelve cheers for you! You’re 12 today and, better yet, for the next 365 days too. Enjoy every second of this special age.

May your 12th birthday be the beginning of new and wonderful things, may you stay blessed, happy and so healthy.

Happy birthday! Hope that your birthday will be 12 times better than you have ever expected. You truly deserve a grand celebration, so get up and have a blast!

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Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy 12th birthday Son! So many great things come in 12s: months in a year, inches in a foot, donuts, eggs, roses, hours on a clock, zodiac signs, members of a jury, drummers drumming, birthstones, and, most importantly, you.

Happy 12th birthday, young man! You’ve made me fantastically happy since the day you were born. Today, I plan to make your special day just as fantastic and happy.

We are beyond proud of the amazing man you are becoming. Seeing you grow up has been a joy for us, and we are so proud of eve thing you do. Happy 12th birthday son!

We still remember you when you were just a little baby and now you’re a strapping young man ready to take on the world. Happy 12 birthday!

Happy 12th Birthday, Dear Son! You’re not a kid anymore, you’re a sweet guy. I love you so much.

Happy 12th Birthday Niece

Happy 12th birthday. Someone special like you should have more than one special day every 12 months…so let’s make every day of your year as a 12-year-old special.

Happy birthday to my sweet little niece. You may only be turning 12 today but you’re on a journey to becoming an amazing woman who can do whatever she wants. Congratulations!

You’re growing into a beautiful young woman. Enjoy being 12, happy birthday!

I am proud as punch to have you as my niece. I hope your birthday is awesome and you get a huge cake!

I want to wish you a prosperous 12th birthday, and I pray that no obstacle will be able to hold you back from becoming great. Stay Blessed.

The simplest way to celebrate you on a special day like this is to wish you the best of wishes in the simplest words. May you have lots of fun as a kid.

12th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

You only turn 12 once in a lifetime, so make this special day a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of your one and only 12th birthday.

I hope your 12th birthday is so special that you remember every wonderful moment of it until your next one.  Happy 12th Birthday Nephew!

Happy 12th birthday to my favorite nephew. I’m going to make sure I get to see you lots more over the coming year.

Congratulations on turning 12! Enjoy your big day and don’t eat too much cake.

Happy 12th birthday to my nephew. I always love the time we spend together and can’t wait to see you on your birthday

Happy 12th Birthday Nephew! Now, you’re as big as the first bone at Dominoes game, so you’re the best.

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