Chinese New Year Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Quotes

Chinese New Year Wishes: The Chinese New Year is one of the best times for family reunions, a new start in life, and a time to be happy with those dear to your heart.

It also gives you the opportunity to send your colleague, friend, staff, business partners, or clients happy lunar New Year wishes.

If you are searching for Chinese New Year greetings, wishes, or messages. These happy Chinese new year wishes, messages, greetings, and quotes will be ideal to wish someone a happy new year.

Chinese New Year Wishes

新年快乐 Xīn nián kuài lè – Happy New Year

新年好 — Happy Chinese New Year

I wish that the Chinese New Year unfold the new world full of opportunities to take your business to higher levels…. Best wishes on Chinese New Year

Thinking of you and your family and wishing you all a year that outshines the rest.

恭喜发财 — Happiness and prosperity

May our association is always blessed…. May it get stronger with each passing day….. Best wishes on Chinese New Year to you.

Sending your family the strength and courage of the Tiger for the lunar new year.

Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in the year ahead.

Wishing a very Happy Chinese New Year to all the employees. May all the hard work and dedication you have put into your work bring you success.

Wish you a happy Chinese new year!

虎年兴旺 — Wishing you a prosperous year of the Tiger!

生龙活虎 — Wishing you the drive of the Dragon and the vigor of the Tiger!

It’s that time of year for feasting, celebrating, and looking forward to a happy and prosperous year ahead. Enjoy every moment!

May good fortune be abundant this Chinese New Year.

Warm wishes on the occasion of Chinese New Year to you. May this year be a year infused with high spirits and good times for you.

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May you and your family enjoy health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year.

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Chinese New Year Messages

Best wishes on Chinese New Year to you….. May you take your business to new heights in this New Year!

We wish that this Chinese New Year bring along many new projects for you to enjoy success…. Best wishes on Chinese New Year to our business partners.

May you have a glorious and fun-filled new year and enjoy the warmth of good relationships you have with all.

May the Year of the Dog be filled with glorious moments, love, happiness, and peace in your life all around.

On the occasion of Chinese New Year, we wish you and your company a successful and blessed year ahead.

May all your wishes come true this Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese new year wishes to my family. I send gifts for all to welcome the new year with love and merriment and hope you all are having a huge feast together.

Happy New Year! You make our family so proud, and we wish you nothing but continued success and happiness.

Have a happy Chinese new year dear boss. I send you good gifts and lots of best wishes for a fun-filled and glorious New Year.

May this year be full of new inspirations and new dreams for you. Wishing you success and prosperity on the occasion of Chinese New Year.

May all of your wishes and dreams for the new year come true.

Dearest husband, I send my love and warm wishes on Chinese New Year. Have a happiness filled Chinese new year and may you gain success in all your work and efforts.

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Wishing you abundance, health, and happiness in the lunar New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year wishes for my loveliest boyfriend. Let us celebrate the new year together with lots of fun and happiness and welcome the Year of the Dog with love.

Hope this New Year brings you much happiness and success in your career. Happy Chinese new year!

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Chinese New Year Greetings

May the Chinese New Year bring along various new assignments, new projects, and new opportunities to taste new flavors of success.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dearest friend from China, I send happy Chinese New Year wishes for you and family. Do accept my gifts for ushering the New Year with joy and welcoming it with love.

Wishing a very Happy Chinese New Year to you and your business. May this year be a year full of new projects and growth for your company.

May worries and sorrows become the thing of past for you….. May you are blessed with new rays of hope and happiness which brighten your future with more opportunities and success…. Wishing you a wonderful journey… Wishing you a very Happy New Year my dear!

Wishing you good luck and good fortune in the lunar New Year.

Wishing you love and togetherness in the new year.

May the new year bring you prosperity and good health.

May this year bring you good fortune and great wealth! Happy lunar New Year greetings!

May your business flourish and bring you lots of joy in the New Year. Happy lunar new year!

Wishing you luck, love, and health this Chinese New Year.

May good fortune shine on you and your loved ones in the New Year!

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May the New Year bring you new possibilities, new horizons, and new joys.

Chinese New Year Quotes

The Year of the Horse reminds us to chase our dreams and pursue whatever makes us happiest.

Hope you achieve great success in everything you do this year and always.

Wishing you a year of abundance and prosperity.

May the Chinese New Year bring you joy and prosperity.

May the perseverance of the Goat guide you through any obstacles this year.

Wishing you wealth and health this Chinese New Year.

May there are more jokes to put a smile on your face and more joys to keep you happy. Warm wishes on the occasion of Chinese New Year to you.

Let the Year of the Rooster remind us that we can always better ourselves.

May you be enveloped in the divine in the New Year!

Sending wishes of a fun, festive, and fruitful new year.

May the joy and hope of the New Year stay in your heart always.

Sending you wishes of prosperity, love, and joy for the New Year.

Sending wishes of health, wealth, and wisdom in the lunar New Year!

虎运连年 — Wishing you the luck of the Tiger year after year!

平平安安 — Peace and safety!

幸福安康 — Peace and happiness!

阖家欢乐 — Happiness for the whole family!

财源广进 — Wealth’s sources broadly entering in!

学业有成 — Achieve academic success!

心想事成 — May all your wishes come true!