Christmas Party Invitation Wording: Ideas and Examples

Christmas Party Invitation Wording: Planning a Christmas party and you would like to invite people to come and enjoy Christmas with you.

Finding Christmas Invitation Wording sometimes can be a big challenge. That’s why we have decided to look at Christmas party invitation ideas that will spark your creativity and enable you to find the right wording to use.

Find a collection of Christmas party invitation examples that will spark your creativity and enable you to find the perfect words to use.

Christmas Party Invitation Wording

We Ho-Ho-Hope You Can Join Us For Our

4th Annual Christmas Party

[day and date]

at 7 PM

The Olson Residence

1234 Snowy Lane, Ashville

It’s gonna be a jolly good time!

RVSP to Mark (Phone number / Email address) by Dec. 20


Are you ready? Here comes the long-awaited day. You are invited to our celebration where we will leave one more year behind. Come and let’s turn Christmas into an unforgettable party.

It wouldn’t be Christmas
without you in our home!
Please join us for Dinner
on [date]
at 7:00 p.m.
12 Terrace Lane
Loichita, Kansas
Deana and Tristen

For a special friend, inviting you to the Christmas party at my place next week. I hope you will arrive for the celebration and enjoy the feasting and merry-making.

Set your sights on Christmas lights and eggnog ‘round the tree!
Please join us for a night of fun at our annual
“Christmas Celebration”

6:00 in the evening
The Home of Lynn and Fred Banks
765 18th Avenue
Kingsport, Tennessee

Christmas dinners are all about spending good times with good people while having good food. Your presence will be awaited on this special occasion.

Join us for a
Gingerbread Holiday Party
[Day & Date]
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
The Timbelton Residence
256 Mystic Dune Road
Denver, Colorado
Jackie, Lisa, Lindsay and Mark Timbelton

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The best food, the best wine, and good friends. What else does a person want for Christmas? Celebrate with us and our joy will increase exponentially.

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without family and our employees are like our family. We invite you all to join us for Christmas party.

We would like to see you among us at the Christmas dinner, where we will leave the tiredness of a whole year behind and celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

It’s almost time for Christmas night. You don’t get to bring anything that night. Meals and drinks are ready. We have also selected the most beautiful music and games for you. Just come and enjoy the fun.

We invite all the staff members to join us for the office Christmas party to begin this holiday season with high spirits.

We have prepared a guest list of our dear friends and you are on that list. We hope you will be with us at our Christmas Eve dinner. Come to our party and enjoy the fun.

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Christmas Invitation Wording

Dear cousin, I invite you to the Christmas party to be held at my place this Sunday. Join me in welcoming baby Jesus onto earth to shower peace and prosperity in the world.

Having lunch with you this Christmas is what we are eagerly looking forward to. Come and join us for the best feast of the year.

There is a huge gathering taking place at my home to welcome Santa in style. I would like to invite you to grace this celebration with your presence.

Do not listen to others about how we have fun. Come and don’t miss this night. Our Christmas dinner and drinks are ready. Let’s celebrate Christmas together in this warm environment.

Join us to try delicious flavors at our Christmas dinner. Let’s celebrate Christmas and raise a glass together in this beautiful setting.

It’s almost time for Christmas. Come to us with your family and loved ones at this most special time of the year and let’s have fun together. Food and drinks are Santa’s treat.

We have selected the most beautiful wines for you. Come and join us for Christmas. Our joy increases when we are with you. Merry Christmas.

We continue to keep the old Christmas spirit alive. We are waiting for you on this night when all our friends will be together. We’ll welcome the new year as we enjoy our Christmas dinner and drinks.

The best part of Christmas dinner is spending time with you, our dear friends. We will be very happy if you join us for this entertainment.

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Christmas Invitation Template

To a cute friend, join me in the Christmas party to welcome Lord Jesus for peace and prosperity. Come to the community feasting to celebrate the birth of Jesus with love.

Christmas is certainly the best time to party and this party will be incomplete without your presence. Come and join us to rock this Christmas.

Warm wishes on Christmas to all the employees. We would to invite you and your family to celebrate this Christmas with us.

This Christmas dinner will make you forget the problems of the whole year. We will enter the New Year energetically and happily. Join us for Christmas dinner and join us in our warm conversation.

We are sending warm Christmas invitations to our employees to invite them to join us for the best Christmas celebrations at work ever.

Having the whole gang together on Christmas has always been a dream. Looking forward to your presence for the biggest Christmas gathering.

In appreciation of another successful year, (company) invites you for dinner, drinks, and holiday cheer.

This Christmas is going to bring us good times because we will be celebrating it together. Inviting you and your family to the Christmas celebrations.

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