Engagement Wishes

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Engagement Wishes: Someone you know just got engaged? I am sure right now you would want to congratulate them on their engagement.

If you are wondering what to write on an Engagement Card, then you came to the right place.

Find a collection of the Engagement Wishes, Engagement Quotes, and wordings that you can use.

Engagement Wishes

You’re getting married! That’s wonderful. Congratulations.

Congratulations! Wishing you happy times ahead as you plan your wedding!

Celebrating my favorite newly engaged couple!

Congratulations to a newly engaged couple. Your love has reached another level and I wish that it increases every day. I wish you both a very happy future.

Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy to call both of you, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Best wishes!

It seems like just yesterday we were graduating from high school/college and starting our own lives. Now I get to watch you start your life with (fiancé name), and I am so excited for you! Congrats!

You have taken the first step towards new life. May your new life be filled with all the happiness and joys. May you both live long!

Congratulations on your engagement. May you get more happiness and joy than your imagination. Best of luck with your life ahead.

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Engagement Wishes Wordings

Congratulations on your engagement! This is such happy news!

Cheers on your engagement!

May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life—and more! Happy engagement!

We’re so excited for you both and love you so much. Wishing you both a great future together. Congratulations!

May God grant you all of life’s blessings and love’s joys. Congratulations on the engagement!

Wishing you tomorrow of love grown deeper, stronger, and full of joy.

Engagements are a celebration of love and hopefulness for a brighter future! May your life together be as magical as a fairy tale! Congratulations!

Well done on getting hitched – it’s about time! Can’t wait to celebrate with you. Wishing you all the best for the future.

I wish that both of you stay together forever. I wish you both a very happy life together.

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What to Write in an Engagement Card

This is just the best news I’ve heard in a long, long time. Congrats!

May your engagement be happy. May your wedding be unforgettable. May your love grow always. Congratulations.

I congratulate you on your engagement. You two make a beautiful couple together. I pray that this bond lasts forever.

Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated together, this one tops the list. Happy engagement wishes!

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. – Your love is a beautiful expression of both of you, [name of Fiancé & Fiancée].

To be happy it is very important that you live with the person you love. And you both have a wonderful reason to be happy. So take care of each other and live a wonderful life.

Congratulations – Love couldn’t happen to a nicer couple, [name of Fiancé & Fiancée]!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. May your love bond get stronger every day!

Congratulations on Your Engagement Messages

Sending warmest congratulations and lots of love as you celebrate your engagement.

I know your marriage will be as strong and last as long as our friendship. Congratulations on your engagement!

No matter what always try to protect this relationship from any harm. You two are just awesome and a lot of people are jealous of you both. Congratulations on this fine occasion. I am very happy for you two.

I just love those people who love a single person and stick to him/her for the rest of their lives. That is true love and you have proved that you are a sincere lover. Congratulations for this wonderful engagement.

May this engagement become a reason for the success of your lives. Congratulations on your engagement.

You are very lucky to have a fiance like her. I must admit I am jealous to see both of you together, officially engaged while I am still single. Congratulations fellows. You are perfect.

May this engagement prove to be the best and provide you with love and joy for each other. Congratulations.

Congratulations on this romantic step you two have taken together. This is so inspiring. You two are awesome.

Engagement Wishes for Fiancé & Fiancée

It’s such a joy to know the two of you are getting married.

You two are so right together. Congratulations.

You two are a perfect couple, and I am so excited to watch you make it official. Congratulations!

Here’s to the wonderful two of you! May life keep bringing you even more joy.

Congratulations – Engaged has a nice ring to it! All the best to you, [Fiancé & Fiancée name]!

I just love it when two wonderful people decide to spend their lives together.

Celebrating your love, your dreams, your hopes, your happiness. Congratulations, [Fiancé & Fiancée name]!

This is a wonderful occasion. I plan to celebrate this beautiful occasion with you guys because I am more than just happy for you two. Congratulations.

I am very happy because you got engaged. Wishing you all the best in your life and May you get eternal love and peaceful life together. God bless you!

Thank you for letting me share in this joyful occasion. I wish both of you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union.

Congrats! – Your love and happiness are undeniable, we’re so happy for you.

Engagement Wishes for Niece

Feeling overjoyed for you, and wishing you every happiness in the exciting months ahead

The news of your engagement is certainly a wonderful one. I am glad for you. You’re two wonderful people who make a great couple. Keep loving each other.

May this engagement open the door to happiness, joy, and good luck in your life together. My prayers are always with you. Live long and stay like the lovebirds you are. Congratulations on this wonderful engagement.

I congratulate you on this brilliant occasion. Believe me, I am filled with joy to see you like this. This is your special day and I am more than just happy for you.

When two souls find each other, no one can deny the power of love! Congratulations on getting engaged!

Engagement Wishes for Cousin

Best wishes on your engagement cousin.

Congratulations on settling down. All the best with the wedding plans and may your relationship last forever!

Best Wishes on your Engagement. Wishing you the very best as you begin to plan your lives together. May your sweet pair be always happy.

I just wanted to see congratulations to such a beautiful couple. I always knew you two would end up in this position, about to get married and spend the rest of your lives together.

Congratulations! You two are getting married! You’re going to make such happy memories over the years. You’ll share so many laughs and kisses and hugs. What a lovely day. Congratulations!

May you get all the success, joys, and happiness with your life partner. So happy for your engagement.

Engagement Wishes for Nephew

Remember when we used to talk about finding the perfect match? Well, now you have! Lots of love, now and always.

May your love shine brighter and your companionship grows richer with each passing day. Congrats on your engagement my niece.

So happy to hear your great news! May your engagement signify the start of something really great.

Congrats! You two are absolutely made for each other. I’m so glad you think so too. Wishing you all the best when you tie the knot.

What a beautiful announcement. You two sure are a perfect couple. I am really very happy for you two. May this happiness lasts forever in your coming life together. Congratulations to my nephew for your engagement!

I’m so excited to see you two take on the next chapter in your lives. You’re going to be so happy. What a wonderful day to celebrate love.

Engagement Wishes for Son

Congratulations! I love the wonderful son you are, and I love seeing you this happy.

Best wishes to my son and daughter-in-law on your engagement.

Congratulations on your engagement! Sending you prayers for unending love and happiness and hoping that the love of God fills your hearts as you start your married life together.

Congratulations on your engagement! You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this be just the start of a long and wonderful journey.

Congratulations on this wonderful commitment to each other. I knew you two are made for each other. May you always stay in love for the rest of your lives.

Dear son, Congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you the warmest regards as you move into this next chapter of your lives!

Congratulations on your engagement! May your wedding bring you all of the joy you deserve. So happy for you two lovebirds.

What a beautiful day. Congratulations to you two. I wish you all the best and hope to see you at your wedding. You two are going to look so beautiful.

Engagement Wishes for Daughter

Congratulations on your engagement, we/I are so incredibly happy for you. We/I are so excited to start this journey with you and we/I can’t wait for the wedding! Best wishes!

Best wishes to my daughter and son-in-law on your engagement.

Congratulations to our amazing daughter and future son-in-law! We didn’t think we’d ever meet a man special enough for our baby girl, but here you are. We are over the moon that you two are going to be spending the rest of your lives together — you are perfect for each other. Look forward to watching you both walk down the aisle. Love, Mom, and Dad

I am so excited for you two and even more excited to be a part of your wedding journey! Congrats!

The family is growing…happier! Congrats, my daughter for your engagement!

You two are such a beautiful couple. So full of love and joy. You’re going to have such a lovely marriage. Congratulations!

Engagement Wishes from Parents

Sending love and best wishes as you celebrate your engagement. Our family is about to get a little more wonderful!

Congratulations on the engagement…and welcome to the family!

You have grown up to be a beautiful/handsome woman/man, and we/I can’t wait to watch you start this wonderful new chapter of your life. Congratulations!

I’m so happy you have found love in each other. All the very best with the wedding plans and have the best life together.

Congratulations on your engagement! If you need any help planning the wedding, I’m here for you!

Congratulations on your wedding engagement! I am so happy to hear that you taking the next step together.

Happy Engagement Quotes

Planning a wedding is just practice for planning your future together. Enjoy every minute. It goes by quickly.

Love does not consist of gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction. Happy engagement!

When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Congratulations on getting hitched!

Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life.

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. Congratulations on getting engaged!

A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. Sending you the best wishes for engagement!

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. Best wishes to you both!

Engagement Card Messages

I’m smiling just thinking about your smile in the proposal photo. I love seeing you this happy.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed. Wishing you both all the best in your love life.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Hearty congratulations on your engagement!

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. Best wishes to both of you!

Engagement: a reason to stop putting in an effort to look good for each other. Congratulations my lovelies!

Getting married is such a huge step, but I know you two can do it! You’ll fight the odds and be an even better couple. Congratulations on your engagement!

Congratulations to the most beautiful couple. I am really very happy for you. May your love bond stay like this forever!

Funny Engagement Messages

It’s about time! Congrats on engagement years in the making.

The dating pool thanks you for officially taking yourself out of it. Congratulations!

Just heard you two decided to put a ring on it. Congratulations!

I’m so happy for you two on your engagement! I can’t believe we’re old enough to be getting engaged. What’s next, getting pregnant on purpose? Congrats!

So I guess you two are pretty serious then. Congrats!

Congratulations for finally getting the right to officially love and annoy your partner for the rest of your life.

Congrats on your engagement! I can’t wait to Instagram the wedding!

I’m so happy for your and your new ring. I mean, fiancé!

Congrats to a couple whose wedding I actually want to attend!

Congrats on your big news! Glad that you two are finally putting a ring on it.

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