Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend

Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend: Mothers deserve appreciation, praise, and all encouragement in the world. They are very special in our hearts.

Mother’s day is all about appreciating moms. It is the best time to also recognize other moms in your life.

Find a collection of inspiring Mother’s Day wishes that you can use to send to your mom’s friends.

Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend

If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want you to be my mom. Hope your Mother’s Day is as awesome as you are.

You are the strength to carry on and are something I greatly admire. Have a happy Mother’s Day!

You are a woman whose priority is the welfare of their children.  May your Day be filled with so much love and happiness on your day enjoy it. Happy Mother’s Day!

I have quite a few friends who are moms, and they’re all amazing at what they do. Hope every one of you has the fantastic Mother’s Day you deserve.

Happy Mother’s Day to my friend, You are so thoughtful and caring for all your kids, I hope you have an awesome day!

An affectionate greeting for you friend for Mother’s Day, I don’t only appreciate your friendship but also admire your great work as a Mom. You are unique.

They say that good is contagious, it is beautiful to see that our beautiful friendship has been transmitted to our children. Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

I admire you very much, you have achieved many things, and you are not only an excellent friend but also a devoted Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Precious friend, many congratulations on this Mother’s Day, May God reward your great work as a Mother because you are an all-terrain warrior.

Happy Mother’s Day Friend

Happy Mother’s Day to a great mom, a sweet friend, and an all-around amazing person!

Just wanted to wish my bestie a Happy Mother’s Day. I’ve seen first-hand how lucky your kids are to have you as a mom.

The way you love and care for your kids is a beautiful thing to behold. Hope you get all the hugs, kisses, and candy you can handle this Mother’s Day!

I have so many nice things to tell you, but I will tell you the most important one, I love you with all my heart my dear friend. Congratulations on this Mother’s Day.

Thank you very much, dear friend, for everything you do for me, you are like my second Mom, I send you a big hug and wish you a nice Mother’s Day.

You have proven to be the best of all the Moms in the world, I am proud to be your friend, infinite congratulations on this Mother’s Day.

You are a wonderful friend and a mother who fill the atmosphere with your love and care. I wish you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

What would the world be without moms? Even presidents forget how much power they yield when they talk with their mothers.

Wishing you a fabulous Mother’s Day full of recreation, relaxation, and appreciation!

May God continue giving you many wonderful things in your life because you are an excellent Mom and wife, Happy Mother’s Day dear friend!

You take so much care of your children that many times you don’t have time for anything else and I understand you perfectly, my friend. Have a nice Mother’s Day.

A big hug my friend on your Mother’s Day, enjoy the love of your children and everyone around you, from here I wish you the best.

God knows that I want you to have the most amazing Mother’s Day possible! May you be blessed on that day and always!

How quickly time goes by, it seems like yesterday when we played Mommy when you were children, today you celebrate your Mother’s Day for the first time. Congratulations!

In my heart and in my mind you’re there! But, you don’t know who it is that really cares! Happy Mother’s Day!

May your Mother’s Day be as great as yours. This is a special wish from you-don’t-know-who! Happy Mother’s Day!

Sending warm greetings to you on Mother’s Day my dear friend…. It is truly a delight to see how beautifully you have been raising your kids.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. You deserve all the praise in the world for everything you do as a mom.

You understand me. That’s why we are friends! Happy Mother’s Day!

What to Write In a Friends Mother’s Day Card

Happy Mother’s Day my friend, all these years we have been together I have witnessed the great love you have for your children, God bless you forever.

We were very close in our singleness and now that we are Moms we are still good friends, you can’t imagine how happy I feel about that. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the most challenging thing. Happy Mother’s Day Friend!

No one in the world has helped their children’s goals as you have. You are always treasured. Happy mother’s day to my best friend

You’re an awesome mom. You’re an awesome friend. Heck, you’re just plain awesome. Hope you have an awesome Mother’s Day, too!

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Happy mother’s day to a wonderful friend!

Happy first mother’s day to my best friend!

All things wonderful, happy, and absolutely fabulous that’s my wish for you this Mother’s Day!

For the guidance, you have shown everyone and the life’s teachings I get from you, happy mother’s day, mama.

To be a friend I can see your eyes sparkle with joy when you tell me about your children. May your day fill with happiness and joyful. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy mother’s day to a beautiful friend!

There is no single day that I felt alone. Your presence is always felt even when we are miles apart. Thank you, friend, and Happy Mother’s Day.

Words are not enough to express my admiration and affection, having a friend like you is wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day, I appreciate you very much.

We have so much in common we are totally connected through motherhood and friendship! It’s great!! Happy Mother’s Day to You!

Your friendship is like a rainbow that brings color into my world. I am blessed to have a friend like you in my life. I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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