Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend: Wronged your girlfriend and need to make an apology. Makeup with your girlfriend before it’s too late. Don’t let that romance slip from your life.

Find a collection of Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend, Long Sorry Messages for Girlfriend, Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend in the Morning, and Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend after Cheating.

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

My love, I don’t want to rush you, take your time, I’ll wait for your answer, I am sorry for what I said. Please forgive me.

Since the day I hurt you, I have been having sleepless nights. Please find peace in your heart to forgive me, I am sorry. I love you.

I’d rather be alone than with someone else whom I don’t love. Darling, I am sorry for my wrong.

I can’t just imagine how we ended up here, all along I have wanted us to be together forever and now we are falling apart. I am sorry my love.

It hurts that I couldn’t be sincere with you. It’s so sad that I broke your trust. I’m sorry for lying to you, my heartbeat.

There was a reason behind my last night argument with you. I will explain everything. Please forgive me for the mistake.

I may not know so much right now, but one thing I am sure of is that I don’t want to feel this way anymore. The only way this can happen is if you come back to me, I am sorry.

Long Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

You are the love of my life; I will never leave you as you are the treasure of my heart. Don’t worry my love; I will wait for you to answer. I am sorry my love, please forgive me.

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The things I’ve done have made you so sad that you broke the promise we had made. I am terribly sorry. Please take me back into your warm arms.

I come with a bruised heart and I depress my ego, I am at my lowest point and feel sad for not having you close to my heart. I apologize unconditionally my love, I am really sorry for my actions. I love you, babe.

You know that within our one-year relationship, I have not behaved so rudely with you. Not only you but also I am astonished by my own behavior. So forget it kindly and as well as forgive me.

I am truly very sorry for not trusting you. I know that my act is wrong but you will forgive me. Please let our hearts sing love’s sweet song and our hands interlocked.

It is so annoying that everything came over you. You paid for my mistake, I deeply regret that. I know I don’t deserve this, but please forgive me, this is the last thing I am expecting from you after the whole episode.

When love is strong between two persons, it does not matter who apologies first. The thing that matters is they are together. I am sorry, please forgive me.

I was stupid, fool, crazy, senseless that I yelled at you. But it happened under the influence of alcohol. I am sorry for each word that came out of my mouth. I love you the most, you know this well.

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend in the Morning

I am not that perfect, but my heart will always beat for you, I am sorry my dear girlfriend.

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Love is never smooth, it has got many phases, I pray we pass this stage and have a long-lasting life together. I’m sorry darling.

I’m so sorry for all the things I haven’t been doing right lately. I promise to be a better person, my love.

I express deep regret for all my actions. I know you are hurt, but we will be able to start fresh only after forgetting the past and forgiving each other. I am sorry.

If only you could hear me out or stop shutting the door on me, I’ll show you how much I regret my actions. I’m sorry, Princess.

It hurts me to know I’m the reason for your pain. I’m sorry, Baby.

I’m sorry that you had to go through this all because of me. I wish you can see how sorry I am. I’m sorry, Babe.

I did not intend to leave you and make you feel lonely. Please forgive me for I am the same person who still loves you so much.

It’s okay if you don’t want to see me. It’s okay if you don’t want to hear from me. But please, can you give me the chance to make things right? I’m sorry, Baby.

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend after Cheating

It was not my intention to cheat on you, please forgive me. I am the same person who loves you dearly.

I thought I was strong, never to live on lies, until this disease got into me. Apologies for lying to you, forgive me, my love.

Love has got many phases, this phase I pray we pass, so we spend everlasting together. Forgive me, my darling.

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So many things I want to say to you, but my eyes are buried in shame. I’m truly sorry, love.

Words said cannot be erased. But apologies meant from the heart can make a difference. I’m sorry, sweetheart.

I let you down and I feel horrible about it. Give me a chance to make things right. I’m sorry.

I can hear your heart beating angrily from afar. I hope you do hear mine beating to the songs of repentance.

I am sorry that I forgot the values of our relationship and lied to you. I promise you that it will never happen again.

I would be like an angel if I am given the change to love again, I am sorry my love.

I wish I could take away the deep hurt from your soul. I hope my apologies can heal the injury in your heart. I’m so sorry, my love.

I need you to take me back into your arms. It’s where my gaiety lives and thrives. I’m sorry, love.

It hurt that my treasure is about to be taken away from me. It hurt even more that I am the reason for this. I’m indeed sorry, my love.

I could go on and on about how sorry I am. But I’d rather go on to prove my love for you.

My intentions for you are pure. Kindly, forgive the stupid side of my humanity. I’m deeply sorry, my darling.

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