Birthday Cake Messages

Birthday Cake Messages

Birthday Cake Messages: Want to get a birthday cake for your loved one or friend, adding a happy birthday cake message will enable you to personalize the cake and let the person know they were in your thoughts.

But what do you write on a birthday cake? This birthday cake wording will enable you to find the right birthday cake message to use.

Find a collection of happy birthday cake messages that you can use.

Birthday Cake Messages

Happy Birthday, I love you.

You can’t get older without me!

[Age] Years of Sweetness

Happy Birthday to an amazing coworker!

Be fit, be healthy

A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Birthday.

Wish you happiness always Birthday Boy!

Happy birthday my sweet angel!

Happy Birthday and have a great year ahead.

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

Have a Wonderful Birthday.

Congratulations on Your 100th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cake Message

Happy Birthday, Super Woman.

[Age] Years Young!

Happy Birthday to the best coffee break buddy!

Happy birthday to my Queen.

Happy Birthday to my Birthday Star.

Health is wealth

To my Mr. Right/Mrs. Right: Happy Birthday.

Happy 29th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to an amazing coworker.

Happy Birthday Son! We Love You!

Happy Birthday My Love!

We are proud of you Son! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cake Sayings

Young at Heart! Happy Birthday!

Life begins at 40.

We are always the same age inside.

With aging, you earn the right to be loyal to yourself.

Life is too short to be small.

Youth has no age.

We Keep Life Sweet.

The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.

Once you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.

Birthday Cake Quotes

Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it.

Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift.

Count your age by friends, not years.

Live with passion

May you live all the days of your life.

Live for something rather than die for nothing.

My life is a fairytale with you Sweetheart, Happy Birthday.

Wordings on Birthday Cake

Today is about you, Happy Birthday.

Congrats on making it another year.

Enjoy your new age, my forever crush.

Heath is priority

Let’s grow old together!

You make my days better darling.

Happy birthday to my Mr. Perfect.

Happy birthday, handsome guy!

Happy birthday, my princess!

Life may be hard, but birthdays are good. So Happy Birthday!

Sweetheart, You are a gem, Happy Birthday.

What to Write On a Birthday Cake For Your Boyfriend

I love you more this year than last! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! I love you!

Happy birthday, sweet love.

Happy birthday to my other half.

Happy Birthday Darling. I’m glad to celebrate together.

Sending warm wishes to you, my love.

Eat and stay happy.

Live long and in love with me, sweetie.

Happy birthday to my prince charming!

You stole my heart, but I’ll let you keep it.

Birthday Cake Messages for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Darling, I am glad to celebrate together.

Happy Birthday, love of my life!

Happy birthday. I love you so much!

I wish you a purposeful and beautiful life.

Happy birthday to the wife of my dreams.

Be my date forever, my darling.

Happy Birthday To my love

Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

Loving you is my favorite routine.

Happy Birthday, my sweet pie.

Happy Birthday, my wonder woman.

Message on Birthday Cake for Husband

Another year I get to spend with you. Happy Birthday.

Your birthday is as special as you are to me.

Age gracefully, my darling.

May life be good to you, my darling!

You’re one in a million, sweetie.

Happy birthday to my King!

Happy birthday husband!

Happy birthday to husband!

You are a Perfect Husband.

Happy birthday my husband!

Happy birthday to my husband!

Birthday Cake Messages for Wife

Happy Birthday, love of my life.

Stay glowing, my darling.

I hope that you keep on shining.

Have a taste of my love through this cake.

I wish you a life of prosperity and bliss

Wishing a very happy birthday to my gorgeous wife!.

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

You are special in every way, Happy Birthday.

Thank you for putting up with me, love!

You make every triumph sweeter Birthday girl.

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Birthday Cake Messages for Friends

Turning 30 is a piece of cake.

A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the best of friends!

Friends Forever… or at least so far! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my best friend!

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend Forever!

Happy Birthday to a friend I couldn’t live without!

Cheers to your 80th birthday.

Birthday Cake Messages for Sister

Happy birthday my lovely sister!

Happy Birthday to our Shining Star!

Congrats on getting old! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, sister! I love you so much.

Light the candles and welcome your new age.

Happy Birthday to the finest apple on our family tree.

Put more candles, live more life.

Boom. It’s your birthday cake.

Thank you for always having my back, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you my lovely sissy!

Birthday Cake Messages for Brother

You can’t get older without me!

Secure your teeth before you eat cake.

You are the most loving brother ever, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, bro! Love you.

Birthday wishes to our little prince.

It’s your big Birthday Day! Celebrate!

Happy birthday to the best brother in the world!

Cake is good for health.

Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday!

50th Birthday Cake Messages

Fifty and loving it!

Fifty and fabulous

Getting Better All the Time

Happy Birthday. Today is all about you.

You made it to 50.

Happy 50th Birthday!

Enjoy your big 5-0!

Still Awesome at 50, Happy birthday!

You’re 50, Be carefree & wild, Happy birthday.

50 years, 50 birthdays. Now that is old!

Funny Birthday Cake Messages

At the very least, you aren’t 100 yet!

Superman said Happy Birthday!

Find the grasshopper in this cake.

Hold on tight! Time is speeding up.

Think of this cake as money—eat like you would spend.

Eat the whole cake and you’ll win a prize!

Your present is the cake. Enjoy.

You’re going places, but eat first!

Keep smiling—it gets worse.

We’re just happy you’re still here!

You haven’t lost it yet.

Home is where the cake is.

You’re Too Old to Eat This


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