Average Foot

What is the Average Foot or Average Shoe Size? Do I have an average toes or are my toes of Average Length? These are some of the questions we usually think of and try to find out.

This article covers the average foot of a human being.

What parts make the foot?

The foot is made up of three major parts
1. Forefoot
2. Hindfoot
3. Midfoot

The combination of all these parts makes the foot, which at the end translates to an average shoe size.

The average foot size varies greatly by gender as well as age; below is a Average Shoe chart:

Average Shoe Size Chart

Country Male Female
United States Size 9 (43) Size 7 (39)
Canada Size 10 (43.5) Size 6.5 (38.5)
United Kingdom Size 9 1/2 (43) Size 7 (39)
China Size 8 (41) Size 5 1/2 (37.5)

Average Toe Length

The average toe length varies from one individual to another. The toe length is mostly proportion to foot size. The average toe length has not been identified.

Average Female Foot

In the US, average female foot was a 6.5 in the 1960s (which is equivalent to UK size 4). The average show size has greatly increased, today; the average American woman has a shoe size of between 8.5 and 9 – which equivalent to a UK 6.5.

Average Male Foot

In the US, average male foot is size 9 while in Canada its size 10

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