Average Eyesight

This article discusses on the Average Eyesight and vision related questions. It looks at, what does 20/20 vision mean?” among other questions that are popular

The Average Vision is defined as 20/20 Vision. Yes, the average eyesight is 20/20. The number is defined as follows.

1st 20 – An individual can see a letter size from 20 feet away
2nd 20 – The average individual sees this letter from 20 feet away

Average       Eyesight/Vision
Rating          Vision
20/40           Very Poor
20/30           Poor
20/20           Average
20/15           Above-Average
20/10            Excellent

The above chart shows, an individual with 20/10 vision can read text at a 20 foot distance that the average person would need to stand 10 feet away in order to read.

What is good eyesight and how is it measured?

What Is Normal Vision?

Normal vision is being able to see a certain size line on the eye chart from 20 feet away

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