Baby Puns That Will Make You Laugh

Baby Puns: Babies are sweet. They fill our life with joy and happiness. A new baby takes all the attention for new parents and those around.

Baby Puns: Find a collection of Baby Puns That Will Make You Laugh. You can send them to mom or dad after the birth of their little kid.

Baby Puns

Two babies got switched in the hospital after someone was asked to change them.

My husband got me a small lizard when I asked him to get me a baby monitor.

If you want to make a baby ghost laugh out loud, play peek-a-boo with it.

Do I have to have a baby shower? Not if you change the baby’s diaper quickly.

Why did the run-on sentence take a pregnancy test? Its period came too late.

When you secure your baby to a wooden car seat, it literally becomes a baby on board.

The baby refused to want to get born. He did not want to give up his womb and board.

Newborns given birth to on holidays are usually females because there are no mail deliveries on holidays.

A newborn baby is usually born at womb temperature.

Daughter: “Dad, will you be coming to the baby shower?” Dad: “I’d prefer a full-size shower.”

If a baby refuses to go to sleep, is she resisting a rest?

Babies usually know it is time to be born when they run out of womb.

People are giving birth underwater now. They say it’s less traumatic for the baby because it’s in the water, but it’s certainly more traumatic for the other people in the pool.

My baby just ate a bunch of scrabble tiles. The next diaper change could spell disaster.

I would make a joke about newborns…But the delivery would be too painful.

Do you know what a baby computer calls his father? Data!

For an expectant mother, having a baby is worth the weight.

Did you hear the joke about the little mountain? It’s hill-arious!

Did you hear about the woman that decided to travel to the ocean to have her baby? She needed a sea section.

I don’t ever ignore a largely pregnant mom because it is an elephant in the womb.

I used to work on an assembly line making pregnancy pamphlets, but I quit. I got tired of labor manuals.

When Robin was born, Batman decorated his crib with a bat-mobile.

How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!

When the pregnant goat informed her husband that she is pregnant, he told her “Oh my Goat! You are kidding!”

A boat with a baby dinghy is called a mothership.

Mom: “Why is there a strange baby in the crib?” Dad: “You told me to change the baby.”

How can you tell an adult snake from a baby snake? The baby snake has a rattle!

Why do we dress babies in onesies? Because they can’t dress themselves.

I told my friends a joke about birth complications, but people didn’t find it funny. It must have come out wrong.

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