Blessed To See another Year Quotes

Blessed To See Another Year Quotes: It is always a blessing to see another year in your life. When you turn a year older you feel blessed and happy. Let people know you feel blessed and you are turning a year older.

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Blessed To See Another Year Quotes

God’s mercy and grace upon my life has always been too much than I deserve. It’s called grace, and I am forever grateful to God for this very day. Happy birthday to me!

God’s blessing and love to me is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. There’s so much God has done for me than words can tell, and I will always give all the thanks to him. Blessed To See another Year.

Happy birthday to myself! I pray that God will continue to bless me abundantly so I can continue to be a blessing to others as well. It’s such a great opportunity to have reached this far in life.

I’ve missed a lot of my favourite and close friends due to my ill health because they all deserted me. But, I’m Grateful for seeing Another Birthday again in good health.

Happy birthday to me! Lord, please guide me in everything that I do today and in the many years ahead of my life.

On my special day today, my heart is full of love. Thank you everyone for making me feel special and loved. Blessed To See Another Year and Happy birthday to me.

Blessed To See another Year Birthday

There’s nothing in the world that can be compared to the depth of my happiness today. The Lord had done something marvelous in my life, and I will forever bless his name. Happy birthday to myself.

I go through each day happily, knowing fully well that the Lord is the owner of my life. God has always shown me love and mercy, and today I am a year older. Blessed To See another Year Birthday.

My life feels good today. I am so Happy and grateful for all that God has been doing to me. I’m Truly Blessed to See Another Birthday in good condition.

Happy birthday to myself! This year, I promise to be a little bit smarter with my decisions in life. Sure, I’ve made some mistakes in the previous year, but I have learned a lot of lessons as well.

God’s divine love is amazing. I can’t believe that a sinner like me can be so blessed to See Another Birthday again despite his iniquities. I’m grateful for that.

On this special day of my life, I just want to wish myself nothing but happiness and great accomplishments. Blessed To See Another Birthday.

Blessed To See Another Birthday

It has not been easy all through the year. From one challenge to another. But, I’m so grateful to God for this wonderful gift of honor. Happy and blessed birthday to me!

I am the happiest person on earth today, and that’s because I am a year older. Words are not enough to thank God for his mercy in my life.

I must say that I’m Truly Blessed to see Another Birthday. It still looks like it’s a child’s play. I can’t just stop being happy about what I’m about to observe

Happy birthday to me. I am truly blessed with so many things that I could not thank God enough for all the amazing blessings! On this special day of my life, I just want to thank the people around me who have been a big part of my journey.

I’m indeed, blessed to See another Birthday again despite the hurdles I had to scale; spiritually, mentally, financially, and in terms of health.

God, as I commemorate the day You brought me into this beautiful world, I want to thank You for all the good things You have put into my life, and I want to ask for Your guidance and protection all the days of my life.

Little by little, my age has been added another. I’m grateful for seeing yet, Another Birthday despite the hurdles one had to scale the previous year.

Through the good and bad times, my God has always remained by my side, and I am grateful for this. Today, I pray for happiness and an everlasting life of happiness as I wish myself a joyful birthday. Blessed To See Another Birthday.

Blessed For another Year

Let everyone come together because the Lord has done another great and amazing thing in my life. Sincerely, I feel so happy and loved to see this day. Happy birthday to me.

Words can’t express the depth of my joy as I become a year older today. May the Lord continue to receive my Thanksgiving.

I am blessed my grateful heart is the fountain of gladness that overflows with blessings of love, peace, and happiness in abundance. Feeling grateful makes me receptive to the blessing in the life that I already have and more open to the beauty that’s coming my way.

My life has indeed turned out to be a fascinating journey for me. It wasn’t like this before… But God had Blessed me to See Another Birthday again in sound health.

Today is my birthday. And as I celebrate it, I’m thankful for the great blessing of waking up in the morning to see another day. I’m also grateful for all the good things that the good Lord has done in my life over the years, and I pray that He continue to shower my life with His precious blessings. Happy birthday to me!

For the guests, the friends, the goodies and Birthday wish my friends have sent for me. I am Blessed to See Another Birthday.

Today is a special day for me and I’m planning to gather my loved ones to celebrate this special occasion. I shall treat myself with all the great things because I know that’s what I truly deserve. Happy birthday to me!

Thankful For Another Year of Life Quotes

I am so grateful to God for adding another year into my life. There’s nothing that can ever be able to express the depth of the happiness I feel right in my heart. Bless be the name of God.

I go through each day happily because of how much love God has always shown me. Truly, I am scared of nothing in the world, and that’s because God has always been with me. Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to myself! Thank you God for another year surrounded by the people who loves me all throughout my entire life!

I will celebrate my special day today with a grateful heart knowing that God has blessed me more than I deserve in my past few years here on Earth. I’m truly in awe at how God loves me unconditionally. Happy birthday to me!

I’m using this special moment to admit my thanks to God for blessing me to See Another Birthday in good condition and sound health. I’m so grateful for his grace.

I’m Thankful For another Year of Life. I am working hard towards everything I want. And most of all I appreciate & Thank God for what I have.

Cheers to surviving another year of tribulations and challenges. I am truly grateful to God for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me! I am truly blessed for reaching this far in life. I am so happy to celebrate my special day surrounded by friends and loved ones.