Cookie Puns and Jokes

Cookie Puns and Jokes: Cookies are a great mood booster. It brings more fun and laughter when you share cookie puns.

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Cookie Puns and Jokes

I’m feeling pretty crumbly today.

That’s a cookie-cutter idea.

I’m feeling a little dough-eyed today.

You look as tasty as an Oreo cookie. Now all you need is some cream filling…

You’re one smart cookie.

A cookie gift for my kooky friend.

I’ll tell you a secret; cookies are where raisins and nuts meet in secret.

I almost feel bad eating this beauty…almost.

I am going nuts over these nut cookies.

Just hoping to bake your day a little better.

Finally, we figured out who an Oreo’s favorite band is—Oreo Speedwagon.

Cookie Monster said it best: “Me want cookie!”

These heart-shaped cookies make my dream crumb true.

What good is having all of the cookies when you can’t eat anymore?

Why did the boy go to the doctor after eating a cookie? He was feeling crumby!

You must be cookie dough, because I just want to press you on a sheet.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Why does everyone like the lemon cookie? Because he is the zest.

If life is what you bake of it, let’s bale some really good cakes.

What do you get when you use a deer-shaped cookie cutter? Cookie doe

Bake me up before you dough dough

My daughter quickly caught the chocolate cookies that slipped from my hands. She has quick reflexes. After all, she is learning taekwon-dough.

This is quite literally how the cookie crumbles

The doctor suggested that I have a balanced diet. Now, I keep a cookie on both of my hands.

What do you call a smart cookie? Academia nut.

If you bake my heart, I will crumble yours.

How does the queen like her cookies? Decorated with royal icing.

What does the Gingerbread Man use to make his bed? Cookie sheets!

[Christmas Cookies] Believe in the magic… of cookies.

This was a cookie mistake.

My dear cookie, you are the raisin I smile.

Why did the thief rob the Keebler elves? Because they had a lot of dough.

Did you hear the one about confectioner’s sugar? If not, it’s fine.

What do you call a metric cookie? A gram cracker.

My friend gave me a packet of biscuits today. It was supposed to be a birthday present, but she was a week late. Batter late than never.

I saw someone asking around where to find some no-stake cookies on Halloween. I think he is a vampire.

Why was the baker a rich man? Because he had a lot of dough.

[Oatmeal Raisin] For someone who’s always raisin’ the bar.

The graceful girl was a ‘smart’ cookie, an intelligent cheesecake an inspiring doughnut.

What did the thief call the place he hid his stolen sugar? His sweet spot.

Life is what you bake of it

The gingerbread man spent the whole night outside because he could not find his cook-keys.

What kind of cookies do rich people like best? Fortune cookies!

You ate all the cookies? Now, you’ve gone too jar!

Bake your day with these chocolate chip cookies!

What did the baker say when his wife asked where her phone was? “I dough know”.

Whatever crumbles your cookie

Gonna milk this cookie for all it’s worth.

If you are feeling down, just eat a brownie.

The cookie monster is baking the cookies at 666 degrees celsius. I think he is raisin hell.

When it comes to baking, don’t be afraid to take whisks.

There’s dough much I want to say about you.

What did the baker say to his colleague? Bake it till you make it.

Where do witches bake their cookies? In a coven.

Why did the macaron go see the doctor? Because he was feeling crummy.

It’s peanut butter when we’re together.

Why did the chocolate chip cookie drop all his chips? Because that’s the way the cookie fumbles!

If you need someone to delete your cookies, I’ll be right over.

Why couldn’t the Gingerbread Man get inside his house? Because he couldn’t find his cook-keys.

All I knead in life is enough dough for my cookies and bites.

Everything I dough, I dough it for you.

I had a tough time trying to bake cookies. It was my friend who came and helped me. I told him, “Without you, I’d crumble.

We all can bake it in life. Yes, you can dough it in your generation.

We’re a batch made in heaven.

What’s on the menu is me-n-u.

When I returned home after work, I saw that my daughter ate all the cookies. She has gone too jar.




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