List of Corn Puns and Jokes

Corn Puns and Jokes: Going through corn puns and jokes is relaxing. There are many hilarious corn puns.

Find a list of Corn Puns and jokes

Corn Puns and Jokes

Why was the corn feeling blue? Because it was cob-bled.

Do you know why corncobs are always worried about their weights? It is because they are a little bit husky.

Why was the corn feeling stressed? It was having kernel panic.

If you want to buy some pirate corn, it’s going to cost you a buccaneer.

The policemen decide to lock up the corns because these cops think that they are all stalkers.

Learning a new language requires a lot of corn-centration.

Corn is like a little quiz when it is popped.

Some corn, a carrot and a cucumber all fell into the ocean. Now they are all C foods.

Why was the corn feeling awkward? It was in a maize of confusion.

I went to a party in a corn field the other day. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be a total corn ball.

Why was the corn feeling cool? It was husk-ing it.

I don’t really like corn jokes. I find them a bit too difficult to digest.

There was a pair of cornstalks who were best friends. I’ve never seen cuter earbuds.

Why was the corn feeling victorious? It was on top of the world maize.

Why was the corn feeling creative? It was thinking outside the cob.

Why was the corn feeling lonely? It was a single kernel.

Do you know that a company has just introduced a new app for corn farmers and traders? It is created in Sili-corn Valley!

Corn is a seriously good listener. It’s all ears.

Why was the corn feeling musical? It was in a band called ‘The Kernel Four’

Do you hear about that corn stalk that changes careers? He goes into a different field!

Why was the corn feeling spicy? It was adding some chili to its cornbread.

I saw a naked corn cob the other day. I was shucked!

This was Dante’s. Crazy was what we had for breakfast when we ran out of Corn Flakes – Karen Chance.

Why was the corn feeling refreshed? It was taking a corn-cob bath.

I tried to make sweet corn by whispering sweet things into its ear.

In some way, the ear of corn is quite similar to an army because both of them have lots of kernels.

Corn Puns One Liners

A person who is crazy about corns is called a corn-ivore!

Corn and bean people, I’m afraid, have extremely specialized minds.

Corn you feel the love in the air?

Just like boys flirt with girls, we can make sweet corns by whispering sweet nothings in their ears.

Babe, you are so hot, you pop my corns.

The only vegetable that’s also a nut is a corn.

Corn-gratulations on your win in the competition.

What does a rebellious corn always do? Goes against the grain.

Sadly, I didn’t have a map of the corn maze, so I just had to play it by ear.

Short Corn Puns

The corn stalk decided to change careers. He went into a completely different field.

Do you live in a corn stock? Because I want to stock you.

Did you know corn has a favourite food? It loves cobb salad.

How are corncobs in bed? – Of course, it is a-maize-ing.

Corn uses “Corn Bread” for money.

Do you like corned beef? If not, can I have yours?

I’ll be waiting at the corn-er of the street.

What does a baby corn call its father? – Pop corn!

You can buy corn at student unions. Uni-corn.

How do you make sweet corn? You whisper sweet nothings in its ear!

What does corn use to get on the internet? The cobweb.

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