Average Heart Rate per Minute

This article will discuss the Average Heart Rate per Minute.

What is the average heart rate per minute?

The average heart rage per minute always varies. The average resting heart rate of a person is 70 heartbeats per minute. Many people have an heart rate of between 60 and 100 heartbeats per minute.

Can I lower my average heart rate?

Yes, you can lower your average heart rate. This is mostly achieved through extensive physical exercise. Doing exercise on a daily basis can make your heart bigger and at the same time to function properly. It will not need more pressure to pump the amount of blood and therefore the average heart rate will drop.

What is the minimum heart rate per minute?

The minimum heart rate varies depending on the activity you are undertaking. For instance, pro-athletes have a low heart rate of up to 50 heartbeats per minute. There are also racing cyclists who are known to have an average resting heart rate as low as 35 heartbeats per minute.

What is the maximum heart rate per minute?

The maximum heart rate mostly decreases with age. You can calculate your maximum heart rate by using the below simple formula.

Maximum heart rate per minute = 220 – age

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