Entertaining Bat Puns

Entertaining Bat Puns: Searching for Bat Puns that you can use to entertain your guests.

Find a collection of Bat Puns that you can use to entertain your guests.

Entertaining Bat Puns

I keep a bat in my bedroom for protection. It makes me feel safe but it also keeps pooping in my ear.

Most softball games are played at night because the bats have to sleep during the day.

How do bats know what’s to come in their future? They read their horror-scope.

How did the bat find her soulmate? They met on a blind date!

Why did the witch never tell her pet bat about her evil schemes? Because bats like to be kept in the dark!

How do spelunkers react when coming face-to-face with cave-dwelling creatures? They don’t bat an eye!

What do you call three trick-or-treaters dressed up as an angel, a vampire, and a witch? The Good, the Bat, and the Ugly!

Where do vampire bats go to take out a loan? To the blood bank.

The correct name for a little bat though not endorsed in the world’s leading dictionaries is a battle.

I like big bats and I cannot lie.

What did Batman do when he went shopping? Got ham.

The witches team lost their opening baseball game because all their bats flew away.

Sorry, I’m in a Bat mood today.

What do you do when your bat-friend does something good? Give her a bat on the back.

There is no friendship greater than that of bats. They always hang around together.

All the little witches loved playing bats cradle at school.

What do bats have in common with dentures? They both come out in the night.

What do you call a dream when a vampire bat is chasing you? A bat-mare.

What do you call it when two bats fight? A bat-tle.

You’re the bat-est of them all.

Why wasn’t the little bat allowed to play baseball? Because he was a bat boy.

There is a lot of activities that bats engage in at night, but the most prominent is aerobatics.

What’s the difference between Batman and a shoplifter? Batman can go into a store without Robin.

After taking a shower, a vampire stands on a bat mat.

Give yourself a bat on the back.

The mom to the naughty vampire said to him, “Watch your battitude, that is not how you talk to your elders.”

The greatest movie ever produced incorporating vampire actors is the bat-tle of the blood bath.

My girlfriend said I’m starting to annoy her because I relate everything to Batman. What a Joker!

What do you get when you cross a vampire bat and a computer? Love at first byte.

What did the rat say when he saw a bat? “Oh my! I just saw an angel!”

You’re a bat-ty.

It’s in bat-a mode.

The most a bat lands in belfry, it changes its identity to a dingbat.

When the little dog saw the huge bat hanging at the balcony, it came in so terrier-fied.

What did the bat do when he didn’t know the answer to the teacher’s question? He winged it.

I got a new bat and sleep much bat-ter now.

Have you ever discovered that all vampire bats have false teeth? The reason is, they come out at night.

My kids are learning the alpha-bat.

Swap bat attitudes and hang-er with happiness.

Before a bat bakes a cake, it needs to make cake bat-ter.

What is the most favourite fruit of bats? – It must be neck-tarines!

Things are getting from bat to worse!

In the animal kingdom, bats are the only ones skilled in playing baseball.

Chew on gum to get rid of bat breath.

Good job! You deserve a bat on the back!

Famous bats have fang clubs.

It’s a rechargeable bat-tery.

What do you call a dumb bat? Dingbat.

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