Hilarious Spring Puns and Jokes

Spring Puns and Jokes: Spring is a beautiful moment of the year. It means nice weather, longer days, greener landscapes, and awesome moments.

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Spring Puns and Jokes

How do you tell someone winter is over? You spring it on them!

Why didn’t the newlyweds plant any flowers this spring? They were too busy planting kisses!

Why does Foghorn Leghorn take it slow when April rolls around? Because he’s no spring chicken!

After a long March, April always puts a little spring in my step.

Here comes the sunflowers

You look fresh as a daisy

That’s a budding romance

What do you call it when you get mugged on the vernal equinox? The first robbin’ of spring!

What’s the best place for a young person to hear music in April and May? A springs-teen concert!

Spring break has sprung

It’s time to exercise away these spring rolls

What springs to mind is daffodils

We shore are going to have a great time this spring.

He just needs a kick in the bud

Sea the beauty in every day.

You’re my favourite off-spring

Let’s turn over a new leaf

I hope your spring doesn’t succ.

Let’s put the petal to the metal.

It’s finally the spring. Can I get a, ‘Shell yeah

This season puts a little spring in my step.

I thaw that the weather was getting warmer.

Not a daisy goes by where I don’t think of spring.

Should I go out this spring? May as well.

Throw your hat into the Spring

I Spring a Song of the Saints of God

Don’t Spring Me Down

No room to Spring a cat

Spring home the bacon

Little knowledge is a dangerous Spring

Spring When You’re Winning

Spring When You’re Winning

To travel hopefully is a better Spring than to arrive

Engagement Spring

The Lord of the Springs: The Fellowship of the Spring

I Don’t Want to Miss a Spring

We Spring. We Dance. We Steal Things.

Ethernet Spring Protection Switching

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