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Find Average Temperature London. What is the average temperature in London? What months are the temperatures in London the highest? These are some of the questions this page will try to answer.

What is the average temperature in London?

Average temperature in London ranges from 11 °C (51.8 °F) and 14 °C (57.2 °F). This average is based on the temperatures over a long period of time

In what months are the temperatures in London the highest?

Average temperature in London is highest in July and August, and the highest average temperature in London is 23.4 °C (74.1 °F), while the lowest average temperature is 13.7 °C (56.7 °F). In the month of August the average highest temperature is 23.1 °C (73.6 °F) and the average lowest temperature is 13.8 °C (56.8 °F). This is mainly because July is driest month in London.

In what months are the temperatures in London the lowest?

Temperatures in London are lowest around December, January and February. The highest average temperature in January is 8.1 °C (46.6 °F) and the lowest temperature is 3.1°C (37.6 °F).  During the month of February the temperatures are at 8.6 °C (47.5 °F) and  2.7 °C (36.9 °F), In December the temperatures are at 8.4 °C (47.1 °F) en 3.4 °C (38.1 °F).

How many days a year does it freeze on average in London?

A study which has been done shows, over the past 30 years it has frozen on average in London for 28.6 days in a year. It freezes on average usually in January (6.6 days), February (7.6 days) and December (7.6 days)

What is the climate of London United Kingdom?

The climate of London is temperate, with modest daily high temperatures during summer and winter lows that seldom fall below freezing. Rainfall is fairly regular, occurring throughout the year. Snow occurs sometimes in winter but rarely settles more than a few millimetres deep.

What is the climate like in England?

England has warm summers and cool winters. The summers are cooler than those on the continent, although the winters are milder. Overall climate in England is called temperate maritime. This means that it is mild with temperatures not much lower than 0ºC in winter and not much higher than 32ºC in summer.

How hot does it get in London?

During summer the Northern Isles could have temperatures around 15 °C (59 °F) and  the areas around London could reach temperatures of 30 °C (86 °F).

What is the hottest month in London?

The hottest month in London is July with an average temperature of 19°C (66°F) and the coldest is January at 5°C (41°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 7 in June.

What is the best time of year to visit London?

The best time to visit London is autumn, September to November. As the busy summer season comes to an end in the second week of September. Autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit London, the weather is mild, 11° to 15°C (52 to 59°F) and you can enjoy a variety of annual events.

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